University of Toronto, Department of Surgery, Annual Report
Copyright (c) 2003. University of Toronto, Department of Surgery.


The Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. J. H. Wedge, R.S. McLaughlin Professor, Surgeon-in-Chief

Dr. J. H. Wedge

Heads of Divisions

Dr. G. Van Arsdell ≠ Cardiac Surgery
Dr. J. Langer ≠ General Surgery
Dr. R. Humphreys ≠ Neurosurgery
Dr. W. Cole ≠ Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. R. M. Zuker ≠ Plastic Surgery
Dr. A. Khoury ≠ Urology

The Hospital for Sick ChildrenFollowing the successful renegotiation of our Alternate Funding Plan there have been a number of new appointments to our surgical staff this year. These are Dr. Walid Farhat ≠ Urology, Dr. David Fisher ≠ Plastic Surgery, Dr. Unni Narayanan ≠ Orthopaedic Surgery, and Dr. Paul Wales ≠ General Surgery. These individuals bring impressive academic and clinical credentials to our hospital Department. Dr. Glen Van Arsdell has been appointed Head of the Division of Cardiac Surgery to succeed Dr. Bill Williams who served with distinction in the position 13 years. A search is currently in progress to replace Dr. Ron Zuker as Head of the Division of Plastic Surgery. Ron has decided to step down after serving as Division Head for 16 years!

Our faculty continued to receive national and international recognition for their accomplishments. Dr. Ben Alman of Orthopaedics who was previously awarded the Canadian Research Chair, this year received the George Armstrong-Peters Prize for outstanding contributions to research and more recently has been awarded the Medal in Surgery at the Royal College. Dr. Jim Wright won the Premier Award of the Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America. This is the Arthur H. Heune Memorial Award given each year to the outstanding researcher in Paediatric Orthopaedics internationally. Dr. Wright is also this yearís winner of the Lister Prize for a senior researcher in the University Department of Surgery. Last year Dr. Jim Rutka, Chair of the Division of Neurosurgery won the Lister Prize. Dr. Doug Hedden of Orthopaedics and Dr. Howard Clarke of Plastic Surgery have won PAIRO Awards for their teaching excellence.

The acuity and complexity of illness of children treated at The Hospital for Sick Children continues to rise. We have been designated as the single Paediatric Cardiac Surgical program in Ontario effective next April. The demand on our cranio-facial program has been such, that Dr. John Phillips is joining us full-time to assist with the clinical load and to ensure that this programís profile in the care of cranio-facial disorders, continues to rise internationally. Overall, this annual report provides ample evidence of the continued increase in academic productivity of our Department, which now has 30 full-time faculty in the six specialty Divisions of Surgery. For instance, total research funding according to the Departmental database is almost $8.0 million per year

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