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Dr. John H. Wedge, R.S. McLaughlin Professor - Surgeon-in-Chief


Dr. W.G. Williams - Cardiac Surgery
Dr. J. Langer - General Surgery
Dr. R. Humphreys - Neurosurgery
Dr. W. Cole - Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. R. Zuker - Plastic Surgery
Dr. A. Khoury - Urology

The most notable achievement for the Department of Surgery at The Hospital for Sick Children this year was the successful re-negotiation of our Alternative Funding Plan for clinical service, research and teaching. The new plan will enhance our research and teaching initiatives and create a number of much needed new positions to fulfil our academic mission. The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation has matched the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care increase in the base funding for the plan to support the research and teaching component of our faculty members' responsibilities.

Research funding and productivity continues to escalate at an impressive rate. Dr. Benjamin Alman has received a Canada Research Chair. The presence of surgeon-scientists and investigators in our research institute continues to increase at an impressive rate.

Dr. Glen Van Arsdell has been appointed Head of the Division of Cardiac Surgery effective this July to replace Dr. Williams who has made such a substantial contribution to the care of children with cardiac defects over many years. Dr. Van Arsdell has ambitious plans for both the organization of clinical care and the development of clinical research in the Division.

As can be seen from this year's report, academic productivity has made another quantum leap, both in external research funding and peer-reviewed publications. Residents in the Surgical-Scientist Program, based at The Hospital for Sick Children, have again won numerous awards for their presentations at national and international meetings.